A guide to attending child protection conferences

  1. A guide to attending child protection conferences
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Reviewing your child’s progress

When a child protection plan is put in place, a 'core group' is developed to review and monitor the plan.

A core group includes you as parents or carers, your child, your child's social worker and other people depending on what your specific needs are. The core group will meet on a regular basis - a minimum of once a month - to review and discuss the details of the child protection plan and sort out any worries or problems that may come up.

Within three months of your child having a protection plan, a review conference must be arranged. The review conference is held to review the plan, discuss what progress has been made and to make sure that the actions agreed at the initial conference to improve your child's safety and welfare have taken place.

Further review conferences must be held at least once every six months for as long as your child has a protection plan.

For a child protection plan to be discontinued the professionals at the review case conference must be sure that the concerns and worries they had for your child's safety and welfare do not exist anymore, or that a child protection plan is no longer needed to keep your child safe.

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