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Rotherham Portage Service

Who are you

Preschool home visiting service, registered with the National Portage Association.

Managed by a Specialist Educational Psychologist as part of the Educational Psychology Service (Education and Skills - CYPS Directorate).


  • Home visiting service to support families of a child with acute disability or support needs (delays in two or more areas of development)
  • Implement a highly structured, intensive teaching programme
  • Support with implementation of therapy programmes
  • Liaise with a range of other involved professions and relevant organisations
  • Provide benefits advice to parents
  • Support transitions into local and specialist provision
  • Mentor staff in settings where Portage children attend
  • Offer Portage training to parents and professionals

Where and how accessed

Work with children within the Rotherham borough.

Practitioner and parental referral. Health visitors, social workers, early years workforce and child development centres can refer directly.

Age range

0 to 3 years

Service type

Complex, acute

Opening times

Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4pm

Contact the Portage Service

Visit the Rotherham SEND Local Offer website

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