Having problems paying your Council Tax

  1. Having problems paying your Council Tax (You are here)
  2. What happens if you don't pay your Council Tax
  3. If we have started court action against you
  4. Attachments to your benefits
  5. Attachments to your earnings
  6. Using enforcement agents to recover unpaid Council Tax
  7. Committal to prison and bankruptcy
  8. Get help if you are struggling to pay

Problems paying your Council Tax? Always let us know. We want to help you pay your Council Tax and we may be able to come to a payment arrangement that you can afford.

The Council must provide certain essential services to the community. Effective collection of Council Tax lets us provide these services at best possible value.

We take swift recovery action against non-payers, through the courts if necessary. We can pass the costs for this direct to the non-payer, increasing what you owe.

You can contact us to discuss your payments. We may ask for details of your income and outgoings to help you make an arrangement that you can afford and keep to.

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