Ways you can vote

  1. Ways you can vote
  2. Voting at a polling station
  3. If you can't attend a polling station
  4. Voting by post (You are here)
  5. Cancel a postal or proxy vote

Voting by post

Any elector can choose to vote by post instead of voting in person at a polling station. To vote by post, you must complete a postal vote application form. These are available from The Electoral Commission's website.

The deadline to ask for a postal vote is 11 working days before polling day.

Postal voters will receive a postal ballot pack around two weeks before an election. The pack contains a postal voting statement, a ballot paper and return envelopes.

You should mark your ballot paper and seal it in the ballot paper envelope.

The postal voting statement asks for your date of birth and signature. We check these against the date of birth and signature you gave when you applied to vote by post.

Your completed statement and sealed ballot paper envelope go in the return envelope. This has prepaid postage, so it doesn't cost you anything to vote by post.

For your vote to count, you must make sure that we receive your postal vote by polling day. If you forget to post it, you can hand in your sealed postal vote at any polling station in your ward.

Apply to vote by post

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