Apply for a Blue Badge

  1. Apply for a Blue Badge
  2. Documents and supporting information for your Blue Badge application
  3. Supporting information about your health condition or disability
  4. Decisions on your Blue Badge application
  5. Receiving your Blue Badge
  6. Using your Blue Badge (You are here)
  7. Blue Badge misuse and fraud

Using your Blue Badge

You must display the badge on the dashboard or facia panel, where it can be clearly read through the front windscreen.

If there is no dashboard or facia panel in your vehicle, you must display the badge in a place where it can be clearly read from outside the vehicle. The front of the badge should face upwards, showing the hologram. The side showing the photograph should not be visible through the windscreen.

You must also ensure that the details on the front of the badge remain legible. If they become unreadable through fading or wear and tear, you must return the badge to us so we can issue you with a new one.

Find out more about your Blue Badge rights and responsibilities

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