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What to do if you are experiencing abuse

If you are experiencing abuse within your personal relationship or family home, there are agencies in Rotherham that can give you advice and support you and any children that you may have to feel safe

If you want to leave home and have time to plan ahead use the following advice: 

  • Try to save some money for taxi or bus fares 
  • Keep together the things you might need (keys, benefit books, medical and national insurance cards, passports, birth and marriage certificates, address book)
  • Take your children with you, if you can 
  • Take a few clothes, children's favourite things and any essential medicines 
  • Try to work out the safest time to leave
  • The safety of you and your children is most important - many women leave with nothing and sort out the details once they are safe 

Call 01709 334567 for help and advice

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