Equality and Diversity

  1. Equality and Diversity Policy
  2. Equality for All - the equality and diversity strategy and action plan
  3. Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)
  4. Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs)
  5. Equality Monitoring
  6. Equality Awareness Events
  7. Accessibility and disability
  8. Hate crime and hate incidents (You are here)
  9. Equality in employment

Hate crime and hate incidents

Hate crimes and hate incidents are acts of hostility or violence directed at people because of who they are or who someone thinks they are.

Hate crimes and incidents are based on prejudice against a person's (actual or perceived) disability, race, religion/faith or belief, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.

Hate crimes and incidents can be harassment, discrimination or victimisation, such as racial harassment, homophobic or transphobic abuse.

A hate crime is a criminal offence where the law is broken. A hate incident is an incident that is not criminal offence.

If you have witnessed or experienced a hate crime or hate incident, you don't need to know if it is a criminal offence or not to report it. If you are distressed and want something done about what happened, it's always best to report it.

Report hate incidents and hate crimes to the Council or South Yorkshire Police:

  • report online
  • ring 999 for emergencies
  • ring 101 for non-emergencies

If you do not want to contact the Police directly, you can report hate incidents and hate crimes to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

More information about hate crime and 3rd party reporting centres is available on the South Yorkshire Police website.

Report a hate crime

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