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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply if you are sending photographs to us for use in a website or publication: 

  • You must be the owner of the photograph or have the owner's consent to act on their behalf in this respect.
  • If the photograph shows individuals that can be identified clearly then you must have their consent for their photograph to be used in this way. All images of children under 18 must come with consent from the child's parents.
  • Photographs should have been taken within the borough of Rotherham.
  • Photographs may be digitally edited to alter brightness, contrast and extent but they should not otherwise be digitally altered, whether or not the intention is to mislead the viewer, so no fakes please.
  • Photographs may contain discrete text in a corner to credit the photographer. We will give text credits for photographs where possible if the photographer requests. Please include these details when sending your photographs.
  • The Council may choose to not publish any photograph without obligation to give a reason or enter into correspondence.
  • No advertising please.

Please note

Any pictures published on the internet can be copied and used by others. We have no control over this use.

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