Rotherham Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Legislation requires that Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBB) produce an assessment of the need for pharmaceutical services. These assessments (Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments or PNA) are due every three years. The current PNA for Rotherham runs from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2021 and can be downloaded from this page.

PNAs describe:

  • current pharmaceutical services;
  • the need for such services;
  • potential future need and;
  • potential need for new services.

The main findings of the PNA are that Rotherham is well provided for with respect to pharmaceutical dispensing services having a greater than the national average of pharmacies per 100,000 people. The availability of pharmaceutical services across the borough is adequate and necessary to meet need

Download the Rotherham PNA

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