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The amount you pay depends on the value of goods you are insuring:

Sum insured (total value of belongings) Standard weekly cost Weekly cost including accidental damage

 £6,000 (over age 60 only)

 £0.69  £1.04
 £10,000  £1.16  £1.73
 £15,000  £1.73  £2.60
 £20,000  £2.31  £3.46
 £25,000  £2.89  £4.33
 £30,000  £3.87  £5.20

Premiums are added to your weekly rent and include insurance premium tax.

If you fall behind with your  payments, the Council will write to you and ask that you bring your payments up to date. If you do not do this, the Council may remove you from the scheme .

Your weekly insurance premiums can be paid along with your weekly rent charge.

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