Apply for an alcohol or entertainment licence

  1. Apply for an alcohol or entertainment licence
  2. Premises licence (You are here)
  3. Temporary event notice
  4. Late night refreshment licence
  5. Personal licence
  6. Change of Details of loss of personal licence
  7. Designated premises supervisor
  8. Fees

Premises licence

The following 'licensable activities' must be covered by a premises licence, club premises certificate or temporary event notice:

  • Sale of alcohol
  • Plays
  • Films
  • Indoor sporting events
  • Boxing or wrestling entertainment
  • Live music 
  • Recorded music 
  • Performances of dance
  • Entertainment of a similar description to live music, recorded music and performances of dance
  • Provision of facilities for making music
  • Provision of facilities for dancing
  • Provision of late night refreshment - offering hot food or drink after 11pm

Provisional statements

You can apply for a provisional statement where premises are to be built, extended or altered for one or more licensable activities.  Anyone age 18 or over with an interest in the premises or business can apply.

Apply for a premises licence

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