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Approval renewals, withdrawals and appeals


The holder can apply to renew an approval when the current one has between 6 and 12 months left to run. An application made in this period will extend the existing approval until the renewal has been dealt with.

The renewal will run from the expiry date of the existing approval


The Council can withdraw an approval if we are satisfied that:

  • the use or structure of the premises has changed so that any of the approval conditions cannot be met
  • the holder has failed to comply with one or more of the conditions attached to the approval.

The Registrar General can also instruct the Council to withdraw an approval if there have been breaches of marriage law.


An applicant can ask the Council to review its decision to withdraw or refuse to grant or renew an approval.

We may charge a fee for a review.

We cannot review any instruction from Registrar General to withdraw an approval.

Renew or appeal a decision

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