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Site Cluster

The Council is developing an innovative development model to bring forward some of our more challenging sites. These sites will form a ‘cluster’ with our larger site at Braithwell Road. The cluster will be marketed through the HCA’s Delivery Partner Panel 2.

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The cluster approach involves a series of sites in various locations. The Council will appoint a developer who will work across all seven sites. They will deliver a range of housing whilst meeting the Councils wider regeneration objectives.

The cluster approach is an important component of the Council’s Housing Growth agenda. This ensures an increase in numbers of new homes built for residential development.= This approach ensures that we meet that the housing needs of the Rotherham communities.

The Council have recently reviewed all its housing land. This has helped to identify a cluster of sites in relation to their potential financial viability, deliverability and strategic significance. We classify the sites in three categories:

  • Sites with high residual land value
  • Challenging Brownfield sites
  • Sites identified for new social/specialist housing

On this basis, the Council have identified the following short list of sites:

One high residual value site

Braithwell Road, Maltby

This site consisted of non-traditional properties of a poor aesthetic quality. These were demolished in 2013 and the site has been grassed. Local properties are a mix of semi-detached houses and single-storey bungalows. They have generous amounts of associated private land and are of a good standard. The site sits on the edge of a well-established and popular residential area. The area has no known planning constraints. This site is the anchor site that will support the development of 6 other strategic sites.

Four challenging brownfield sites

We have selected two sites on Rother View Road, Canklow for residential development. These will merge the new council housing development that completed in 2012. These sites need drainage and landscaping interventions. We have included two small infill sites for open market sale. These will deliver approximately 17 units in East Herringthorpe.

Two sites identified for new social/specialist housing

We have identified two more small infill sites:

  • Maltby (Gaitskell Close)
  • Dinnington (Shakespeare Drive)

We expect these schemes to deliver between eight to ten houses on the sites.

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