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Waverley and Bassingthorpe sites

The Council is keen to speed up development at Waverley and Bassingthorpe to maintain momentum with the region’s economic growth plans.


Planning permission has been granted for a new community at Waverley near to Catcliffe and Orgreave. The Waverley development will deliver up to 3,890 new homes and will include retail, leisure, recreation and employment opportunities.

Waverley is part of the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone and is home to the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham. Sheffield and Rotherham have announced new exciting plans to create the first Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District in the UK.

It will be Europe’s largest research-led Advanced Manufacturing cluster, centred around the Sheffield-Rotherham corridor, which is already home to the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).

Innovation Districts combine research institutions, innovative firms and business incubators with the benefits of urban living. Unlike traditional science parks, these districts cluster cutting-edge research in geographic areas that are liveable, walkable, bike-able, and transit connected.

Waverley map

Bassingthorpe Farm

Bassingthorpe Farm is a location for growth and is planned to be a new sustainable, urban extension at Bassingthorpe Farm, for up to 2,400 new homes and employment land.

The site is located within 800 metres of the town centre and will complement the new town centre residential offer. Both the Council and land owners are keen to see the creation of new, high quality housing offer for an economically attractive urban extension to Rotherham.

The Council and parties have working arrangements in place and are preparing to work in partnership with interested developers. A Bassingthorpe Farm Concept Framework sets out the first stage in the production of a master plan.

Bassingthorpe farm

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