How we identify land with potential for future housing development

A Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is a process that identifies land with potential for future housing development. All local planning authorities are expected to undertake a SHLAA. We do this to help identify an acceptable supply of land for housing as part of preparing the Local Plan. The inclusion of a site within the SHLAA does not imply support for development. It is the Council’s Local Plan as well as national planning policy which will determine suitability for development.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local planning authorities to assess the need for housing in their area. Associated planning policy guidance sets out expectations for the required evidence. The Strategic Housing Market Assessment provides that evidence and meets the requirements of guidance.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2015 - PDF (Size: 14,597.14K)

Rotherham-Sheffield Joint Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2015 - PDF (Size: 856.43K)

SHLAA Update 2015 - PDF (Size: 390.15K)

SHLAA 2015 sites RDF0002 to 0166 - PDF (Size: 13,006.44K)

SHLAA 2015 sites RDF0167 to 0326 - PDF (Size: 13,298.36K)

SHLAA 2015 sites RDF0327 to 0869 - PDF (Size: 12,817.14K)

SHLAA 2015 sites RDF0902 to 1376 - PDF (Size: 12,559.54K)

SHLAA 2015 sites RDF1377 to 1618 - PDF (Size: 20,346.33K)

SHLAA 2015 sites RDF1619 to 1871 - PDF (Size: 22,405.02K)

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