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Fees and charges for planning advice

Types of enquiry and fees


Type of enquiry


(Including VAT)


Do I need planning permission/General enquiries

All development types




Householder development

House extension/alteration etc.




Adverts & Changes of use

Where site area does not exceed 1 hectare (Major development). Where it does, see Categories 9-12 below. Not including any other operational development. Change of use to flats considered under Category 7 below.





Section 73 development

(Minor material changes to approved schemes)

New category



Listed Building / Conservation Area /TPO advice




Minor development

  • <100 sqm




Minor development

  • Dwellings: 1 - 3 / <0.25 ha
  • Other development: 100sqm – 500 sqm / <0.5 ha
  • Change of use to flats (any number)



Minor development (larger scale)

  • Dwellings 4 - 9 / 0.25 - 0.5 ha
  • Other development 500 - 1,000 sq m / 0.5 - 1 ha



Small-scale Major development

  • Dwellings: 10-199 / 0.5 - 4 ha
  • Other development: 1,000 – 9,999 sq m / 1 - 2 ha

Initial meeting



Subsequent meetings




Large-scale Major development

  • Dwellings: 200+ / more than 4 ha
  • Other uses: 10,000+ sq. m / more than 2 ha

Initial meeting



Subsequent meetings


See additional schedule for further information



Strategic developments

of borough wide significance and/or especially complex issues

Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) recommended



Confirmation that conditions or legal agreement complied with - copies of decision notices etc.




Enforcement Notice Withdrawal




The intention is to recover the cost of the service provided, based on an average rate of £60/hr (inc VAT) an hour where the above fees will cover the officer time to assess your proposal and provide a written response. The exceptions to this are the small scale and large scale major development where we aim to arrange a meeting with you within 10 working days of the request of your enquiry which will also include relevant consultees and specialist officers. Following on from the meeting, we then aim to provide written comments regarding your proposal within a further 10 working days, summarising the issues raised, recommendations and the general level of acceptability.

If significantly more officer time is required than the fee suggests or a site visit is required, an additional fee will be requested in advance. This will ensure that pre-application fees cover our costs and remain fair and reasonable.


Works to improve a disabled person’s access to a public building or to improve his/her access, safety, health or comfort at his/her dwelling house do not require any fee.

Enquiries from Parish Councils attract a fee of half that quoted above.

Building Regulations Consent

Some works may also require Building Regulations Consent, please make an enquiry.

Make a householder planning enquiry

Make a general planning enquiry

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