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Fracking in Rotherham

Fracking has never been carried out in Rotherham but companies licensed by the Oil and Gas Authority are investigating the potential for fracking schemes in some areas of the borough.

Rotherham has a long history of industry, in particular coal mining. It has significant reserves of oil and gas from unconventional sources like coal bed methane and shale gas.

The UK's national oil and gas regulator has issued licences, for onshore oil and gas exploration in 10km x 10km blocks, to various companies (including CUADRILLA, IGAS, INEOS) in the Rotherham area.

The licences (issued by the Department of Energy and Climate Change - DECC) grant exclusive rights to oil and gas operators in a given area. Operators must also get the necessary consents and planning permission before beginning any activities on that land.

View the licensed areas in the borough

Harthill Application

Following the Appeal Inquiry the Council received notification from the Planning Inspectorate that the appeal has been allowed. The full appeal report and background can be viewed on the link below.

View the Planning Application and appeal background

View the Inspector's Report

Woodsetts Application

Application RB2017/1577 was refused on 9th March following the Planning Board of 8th March in which members resolved to refuse the application on Ecology and Highway grounds. No appeal has yet been received on this application.

However, at short notice INEOS submitted a new application which is now live and has the reference number RB2018/0918. This revised application is similar to the previous application RB2017/1577 (it includes the same proposal, site area, and timescales etc.) with some additional bird breeding survey work submitted and an addendum to the Planning Statement including reference to the Harthill Appeal.

A total of 16 site notices were erected in and around Woodsetts village on Thursday 21 June (details included on the application link below). The application was advertised in the local press on Friday 22 June.

Any comments made on earlier applications cannot be transferred to this new application and must be made again (either in writing, email, or through the Council's website).

The re-submitted application RB2018/0918 is scheduled for determination at a bespoke Planning Board of Friday 7th September at 9am at Rotherham Town Hall.

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