Brownfield Land Register

The Council is required to prepare and maintain a register of brownfield (previously developed) land which is suitable for residential development. This register must meet the requirements set out by Government and be made publicly available and be updated annually.

The Brownfield Land Register and maps which identify the sites can be viewed using the links below. To view the sites on our online mapping system, follow the link below then click on 'Load Layer to Map', then select 'Planning Data', and then select 'Brownfield Land Register'.

The register is in two parts: :

  • Part 1 provides details of all brownfield sites in Rotherham that are suitable, available and achievable for housing-led development.
  • Part 2 can contain those sites in part 1 of the register which the Council considers should be granted 'permission in principle'. This is similar to an 'outline' planning permission and establishes the use and the approximate number of homes that the site can reasonably accommodate. However, planning permission is not granted until Technical Details Consent is applied for and approved. Sites can only be granted permission in principle and included in part 2 of the register where relevant consultation and publicity procedures have been undertaken. There are currently no sites in part 2 of Rotherham's register.

More information about brownfield registers and the permission in principle process can be found on the Department for Communities and Local Government Website.

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