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Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents are produced by the Council to provide further guidance to the public, applicants and developers on the implementation of specific planning policies. The following documents have been adopted by the Council:

Rotherham town centre

This Supplementary Planning Document sets out a vision for transforming Rotherham town centre. It provides guidance for proposed development within and on the edge of the town centre. The document is in two parts: the Supplementary Planning Document and an accompanying map. There is also a consultation statement.

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Design guidance

The Householder Design Guide offers guidance on domestic household extensions.

For development of new properties, the South Yorkshire Residential Design guide provides guidance including minimal space standards.

The Green Belt Planning Guidance provides current considerations for development in the Green Belt.

The Shop Front Design Guide provides guidance for retail and commercial units wishing to install or replace a shop front.

These documents will be updated in due course following adoption of Rotherham’s Local Plan. The current documents remain available to view:

View the shop front design guide

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Flood risk

All Councils must consider flood risk when making decisions on planning applications. This allows us to limit risks for new and existing developments.

The Council’s Flood Risk Toolkit provides guidance on managing flood risk within the borough. Guidance for developers is also available from the Environment Agency.

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Environment Agency

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