A guide to development in conservation areas

The purpose of a conservation area is not to stop development but to guide it so that the special character of an area is not damaged.

In addition to standard planning controls, there are further controls that apply specifically to properties in conservation areas concerning:

  • Extensions to houses
  • Cladding or rendering the outside of a house
  • Alterations to the roof of a house
  • Erecting new outbuildings in the grounds of houses
  • Installing, altering or replacing chimneys, flues or soil vent pipes on houses
  • Microwave antennas (including satellite dishes)
  • Installing, replacing or altering solar panels or solar thermal equipment on a house
  • Installing, replacing or altering stand alone solar panels in the grounds of a house
  • Installing, altering or replacing a ground or water source heat pump within the grounds of a house
  • Display of advertisements
  • Demolition
  • Works to trees
  • New developments and design
  • Special planning controls
  • Enforcement of unauthorised works

If your plans involve demolition you may also require Conservation Area Consent. If your building is listed, works to it will require a separate Listed Building Consent.

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