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Apply for a selective licence

Applicants must pay an application fee of £154 per property up front with the application.

This can be done by cheque, online or at a Council payment kiosk/self-service kiosk. The remaining fee of £438 per property can be paid by instalments over 12 months with a £13 adminstration charge added (over two years for landlords with ten or more properties to licence at one time), online, by cheque or at a payment kiosk.

This element only becomes payable once we have made a decision on your application. Landlords need to submit a valid and in-date Gas Safety certification, Electrical Installation Condtion Report and an Energy Performance Certifcate to the Council with the application. Included with the application should be a utility bill or bank statement for the applicants home address no more than 3 months old.

In addition, a copy of either a driving licence or passport is required. If a landlord has more than one property in the selected areas, they need a licence for each property that they let. Licences would run for to April 2020.

Generally, after you apply the property will be inspected to confirm the details of the application and check for any urgent repairs. Inspections will continue to happen to ensure that their licence conditiions are being met

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