Landlord licensing

  1. Apply for a selective licence
  2. Benefits of selective licensing (You are here)
  3. Selective licensing exemptions
  4. Penalties for landlords
  5. Full guide for landlords
  6. Dealing with antisocial behaviour by tenants
  7. Report a change of property management

Benefits of selective licensing

Benefits for tenants and the wider community:

  • Reduce the turnover of occupiers in domestic properties
  • Reduce the number of empty properties
  • Make sure minimum standards for rented housing are met
  • Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Selective licensing would ensure private landlords are managing and maintaining your home

Benefits for landlords:

  • Selective licensing will create a clear set of rules that all landlords must follow.
  • Landlords will also have to give and ask for references for their tenants

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