Landlord licensing

  1. Apply for a selective licence
  2. Benefits of selective licensing
  3. Selective licensing exemptions
  4. Penalties for landlords
  5. Full guide for landlords
  6. Dealing with antisocial behaviour by tenants (You are here)
  7. Report a change of property management

Dealing with antisocial behaviour by tenants

There is an expectation that landlords will take reasonable action to address any anti-social behaviour by tenants. If you ignore the problem, the Council has powers to take control of the property.

If your property is in a selective licensing area, your licence conditions require you to take reasonable and practical steps to prevent or minimise anti-social behaviour by your tenants. If you do not do this, you will be in breach of your licence. We can revoke your licence and prosecute you for breaching your licence conditions.

We have produced a guide for Rotherham landlords and selective licence holders to help you deal with anti-social behaviour by your tenants. It includes information about types of anti-social behaviour, how you can prevent these and the process for dealing with an anti-social tenant.

This is not a legal document, and should be used for guidance only. We recommend you make use of independent legal advice if there are any issues you are unsure about.

Download the guide

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