Grass and verges maintenance schedule

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Grass cutting

Grass cutting starts in March and continues, weather dependent, until the beginning of October.

Site Frequency
Parks Cut every three weeks during the growing season
Clifton park Cut weekly during the growing season
Housing - grassed area near to rented properties Cut on eight occasions – approximately once every four weeks
Council owned aged person complexes Cut on 13 occasions – approximately once every 2.5 weeks
Highways - grassed areas alongside roads Cut on eight occasions – approximately once every four weeks
Grassed areas / verges alongside dual carriageways   One to four cuts - dependent on wildflower/bulb planted areas
Central reservations - Hellaby to Rotherham town centre - A630 and A631 - Wildflower areas Wild Flower planted in April, visibility splays cut in July and full cut in November
Grassed banks / sloped areas  Cut every six weeks during the growing season
Rural verges A single metre wide strip cut on rural routes April to October with visibility sight lines cut on six occasions 

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