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Site restrictions

Recycling centres are for Rotherham residents only.

Please separate your waste before coming to one of our sites, using the correct container helps us to recycle more and avoid using landfill.

Vans and trailers

A permit is required for 4x4 pickups, vans and for cars towing trailers. If you do not own a car but choose to own a small van for domestic purposes, you can request a book of permits.

If your van is over 1.83 metres high and will not fit under the entrance barrier, a book of permits will allow access to Car Hill or Magilla only.

You cannot bring any of these vehicles onto any household waste recycling site:

  • Flatback Transit
  • Box/Luton vans
  • Any vehicle over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight
  • Agricultural vehicles (including horse boxes)
  • Any trailer over 3 metres (10 feet) long

We are unable to issue pemits for hire vehicles or vehicles registered to a business or sign written vehicles (advertising a business).

Call 01709 823054 to request a site permit

Plasterboard and DIY waste

Plasterboard can only be disposed of at our Greasbrough, North Anston and Bramley sites.

Thermal insulated (laminated) plasterboard is not accepted at any of our sites.

Building and DIY waste is not household waste. If you cannot fit the DIY waste into the boot of a car in one trip, there is too much to take to a recycling centre.


Small quantities of household asbestos are accepted at Car Hill Household Waste Recycling Centre only. You must contact us first by telephone to arrange an appointment for a one–off visit. Repeat visits will not be approved.

Asbestos sheets or larger quantities of asbestos are hazardous waste and need to be disposed of using a specially licensed asbestos removal company - please refer to your local Yellow Pages.

Call 01709 823054 to book an appointment

Tyres / Car Parts

Vehicle parts and tyres will not be accepted at any site, as this waste is classed as industrial waste. You will need to dispose of this through a private commercial waste company of your own choosing.

Commercial Waste

We do not accept business waste at any site as businesses do not contribute towards the cost of running the centres.

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