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Get a taxi camera fitted

To be suitable for licensing, your vehicle must have a taxi camera system installed. The camera system must meet the standards set by the Council.

Suitable systems include:


Supplied by MCD Security Systems Ltd.

Tel: 01274 449786 or 0113 3202 786

Visit the MCD Security Systems website


Supplied by SerVision UK Ltd.

Tel: 0161 266 1270

Email SerVision UK Ltd.


Supplied by Safe Systems

Tel: 01706 551212 or 07958 590681

Visit the Safe Systems website

Vision DVR-800

Supplied by Speak Security Ltd.

Tel: 07882 806013

Visit the Speak Security website

Prices and payment terms vary, depending on the system purchased. Applicants should make enquiries with several suppliers before deciding on a system.

You may source your own systems – but it must meet the Council's requirements. It's a good idea to ask the Council to verify that the system meets these requirements before they buy it.

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