If your invoice has not yet been paid

The Council’s payment terms are 30 days unless otherwise agreed. We prefer to pay by bank transfer, which usually takes a couple of working days to clear into your account.

If you have a complaint or dispute about payment of one of your invoices, you should first contact the person named on the purchase order to discuss what the problem is.

If you have not received a purchase order - or you have not quoted this number on your invoice - this may be the reason why payment has been delayed. Please contact the person in the Council you have been dealing with to get a valid purchase order number and then resubmit your invoice.

There may be other reasons why the payment of your invoice is being delayed - for example, if it has not been confirmed that we have received your goods or services, or if the payment has not yet been approved.

If your contact at the Council is unable to tell you why you have not been paid - or you are unsatisfied with the response or need any further help or assistance - please contact us.

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