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The proposals for Customer Services

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We are proposing to close our face-to-face cashiering service at Riverside House. Customers will be able to make payments using our payment kiosks which are located at Riverside House and our other Customer Service Centres. You can also use one of our alternative options to make payments, such as direct debit, recurring card payment, using our website or automated telephone payment line or by using the local Paypoint or Post Office network. Our staff members will be able to help customers to use our payment kiosks if required.

We are proposing to implement an online process when customers make a claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction. This will mean that customers can make their application for benefits at any time of the day or night. We will provide free access to computers in all our Libraries for those customers who do not have access to the internet and we will continue to provide help to customers to complete the online application at our Library and Customer Service Centres or by telephone, if required.

We are proposing to extend the appointment booking system to more areas of Customer Services. For some of our services, we will make an appointment for you to speak to our Customer Service Advisors. This will mean we can reduce our customer waiting times and manage demand for our services more efficiently. We will ensure that some appointments are available on the same day.

We are reviewing our opening hours to ensure that they remain convenient for our customers. We are not currently proposing to make changes to the number of hours that Customer Services are available, but may amend the times that the service is available, to ensure that we are meeting customer requirements.

Why we are reviewing the way we deliver the Service

The Government is reducing its funding for Council Services. Rotherham Council has to reduce its budget by a further £48.1m by 2018/2019. We must therefore ensure that all our services are economical and efficient and give maximum value for everyone.

Rotherham Council wants to provide services and information online to residents, in a user friendly way similar to that seen in much of the private sector, so that customers can access our services at times which are convenient to them.

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