Payments and expenses for Shared Lives carers

Shared Lives carers are classed as self-employed with favourable tax concessions.

We pay our Shared Lives carers a set rate. We often review this, based on the assessed needs of our customers. Some carers choose Shared Lives as their full time work, while others work only part time.

Your Shared Lives worker will discuss financial payments in more detail with you.

Payments for long term care

For long term carers, we pay up to:

  • £40 a night, depending on the level of support
  • £35 a day, depending on activities

Long term carer fees are reduced by both:

  • The rent paid by the user (typically £80 a week)
  • The household contribution by user (currently £50 a week)

Payments for short term care

Payments for short break carers are the same as long term.

Short term users contribute £7 a night - £50 a week - towards household costs. This deducted from the payment to the carer.

Payments for day support

Day support payments are:

  • £7 an hour for one person
  • 50 percent extra for each extra person, up to three people

The maximum fee for day support would be £14 an hour.


If transport is approved as part of a customer's assessed needs, carers who use their own vehicle can also receive a mileage allowance.

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