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BT has proposed to remove the telephone box at the junction of Knollbeck Lane and Knollbeck Avenue, Brampton.

The unit was recently damaged beyond economical repair. The payphone has also had low or no use in the past 12 months.

BT propose to remove the telephone equipment and there will no longer be a telephone service at the site. The nearest telephone box is at West Mount Avenue, Wath. This is around 1,280 metres (0.8 miles) away.

The proposal to close the payphone is BT’s and not the Council’s. The Council is organising and coordinating consultation responses for the wider community.

An initial one-month consultation received no objections to the proposal. The Council thus supports the proposed removal of the phone box and has made a draft decision to this effect. There will be a further one-month consultation on this decision.

This consultation is now closed.

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