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The Council like every other local authority is under a duty to maximise the way it uses available resources. As part of the budget process we have reviewed the charges we makes for non-residential care services, such as:

  • Day care
  • Home care and
  • Transport

This includes comparing what Rotherham charges against other local authorities. Some of Rotherham’s charges do not recover the full cost of providing the service. The Council’s Cabinet have agreed to move towards recovering the full cost of providing these services.

The current charge for attending day care costs the Council from £50 to £60 per day depending on the client group. Service uses who receive a day care service are subject to a financial assessment. This is to determine what they can afford to pay towards the service they receive. This takes into account benefit entitlement and any savings. In the assessment, councils will ignore savings of less than £14,250. If you have savings of more than £23,250, the council may expect you to pay the full charge.

If you have to pay charges, your income will not reduce below basic levels of Income Support or the Guarantee Credit of Pension Credit plus a further allowance of 25 percent.

Some services charge a flat rate charge to everyone. This is because they are a part of everyone’s normal living expenses. This includes transport to a day care centre.

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