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The services we offer

Please note, this consultation has now closed. 

Public Health was transferred to the Council in 2013.

We support the aims and objectives of the Rotherham Health and Wellbeing strategy:
  • All children get the best start in life
  • Children and young people achieve their potential and have good health and wellbeing
  • All Rotherham people enjoy the best possible mental health and wellbeing and have a good quality of life
  • Healthy life expectancy is improved for all Rotherham people and the gap in life expectancy is reducing
  • Rotherham has healthy, safe and sustainable communities and places
Public Health commission a range of services which improve people's health and support a healthier and longer lifespan.
We receive a grant from the government, which we use to fund a range of services to improve the wellbeing of local residents. The services are based on the best available evidence of what works to help people be healthier. These include:
  • Sexual health (testing, treatment and contraception)
  • Drug and alcohol treatment and prevention programmes
  • 0-19 Public Health Nursing Services (including health visitors and school nurses)
  • Services to promote health improvement (e.g. NHS Health Checks, stop smoking services, helping people with diet and weight loss issues, physical activity services, health trainers, workplace wellbeing services)
  • Contributions to any other services that improve the public’s health
Some services we commission are chosen by the government and must be done. Others are either by national recommendation or due to local needs. The mandated services are:

  • The National Child Measurement Programme
  • NHS Health checks
  • Open access sexual health services
  • Public Health Advice Service to Clinical Commissioning Groups

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