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Personal Transport Budgets

One of the options which the Council has not used before is Personal Transport Budgets. If approved, and this is a choice you want to take, this will help you as parents and carers to arrange your child's home to school travel arrangements in a way that suits your personal circumstances.

A Personal Transport Budget may be provided to parents or carers of children with special educational needs and disabilities who are eligible for travel assistance. It could help families to make flexible arrangements; monitor the quality of their child's transport directly or they could work with other families to achieve the best possible travel arrangements for their children.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Travel Budgets:

What would some of the benefits of Personal Transport Budgets be?

  • To provide freedom and flexibility for your family to choose the most appropriate travel arrangements for your child that best fits with your personal circumstances.
  • To provide choice and control over how funding could be used to get your child to and from education on time and in a way that suits you, your child and your family.
  • To ensure resources could be distributed in a fair way according to needs.
  • To allow you to explore opportunities to share with other families and potentially increase your buying power.
  • To offer families an alternative to the traditional services that the Council currently provides.

If I opted for a Personal Transport Budget what could I spend it on?

Should the Council introduce Personal Transport Budgets you could choose to spend it in a way that suits your needs. This could be the right option for you and your child providing your child can still travel to and from education on time and in a way that ensures their safety, encourages their attendance and does not negatively affect their ability to learn once they arrive at school/college.

Some ideas for spending the Personal Transport Budget could include:

  • To purchase a travel pass for yourself or a trusted person to accompany your child on public transport
  • To pay for an assistant to help your child to walk to school, or to travel by public transport, or arrange to do this yourself
  • To help cover the cost of driving or cycling with your child to school
  • To arrange shared travel arrangements with other families such as shared driving responsibilities, walking buses or shared taxi bookings

Would I be able to stop the Personal Transport Budget if circumstances change?

Your school or college and the Council are committed to providing the best and most appropriate travel assistance for families. If your child's circumstances change there would be a discussion between yourself, services and your child's school or college to find alternative forms of travel assistance, should a Personal Transport Budget not be deemed suitable.

Will the Personal Travel Budget have an impact on other benefits I receive?

No. If approved, Personal Transport Budgets would have no impact on any other benefit payments.

Would a Personal Travel Budget continue in future years?

As children grow older they may want to become independent travellers. Independent travel would be an important life skill and could help children to access social and employment opportunities. Independent Travel Training is another option that we are consulting on.

Will I regularly need to show the Council how the Personal Travel Budget is being spent?

It is unlikely, as we would want to keep the flexibility and control with you. We would want to work with you and your school to deal with any potential issues that would arise and could include the school's recording of the child's attendance and their fitness to learn once at school.

How would a Personal Travel Budget be paid to me?

Payments would likely be made from the Council into the parent/carer's designated bank account on a monthly basis.

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