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Independent Travel Training

Another option being considered by the Council is introducing an Independent Travel Training service. This is a service which is already implemented in other Local Authorities but yet to be considered here in Rotherham.

This could offer children and young people who have special educational needs and physical disabilities the chance to gain essential skills to enable them to be able to travel independently, should they want this. If approved, this service would aim to promote independency, increase confidence, improve social skills and open up opportunities to further education, employment and leisure.

Each personalised training programme would ensure that young people could be fully trained to carry out their journey from home to their place of education.

Benefits of Independent Travel Training

Independent Travel Training could offer many benefits to young people, such as:

  • Promoting independence and enable them to access positive social activities
  • Increasing confidence and help them to feel safer in their community
  • Helping to improve social skills and maintain relationships
  • Opening up more opportunities to further education, employment or leisure


A travel training programme would have the potential to provide a young person with a wide ranging package of support and this could include:

  • Coping with traffic and road safety
  • Learning the highway code
  • Confidence in using buses, trams and trains
  • Journey planning
  • How to use timetables and visual aids
  • Where to get help
  • Personal safety
  • Money skills

Once training is completed, children could be presented with a certificate in recognition of the fundamental life skills they have gained and the hard work they put into the training.

General information about Independent Travel Training

Who will have access to Independent Travel Training?

If approved, we would like to offer Independent Travel Training to any child attending school or college on transport contracted by the Council. They would need to be deemed as suitable for this option, following consultation with their school or college and families. We would work with parents and carers on ensuring this is the right option which they are wanting for their child.

How long will the training take?

We would like to ensure every child who undertakes Independent Travel Training has a tailor made programme. We would not want the programmes to be time limited so we would expect Independent Travel Training to take as long as an individual requires it.

Will my child be trained on their own?

Training is expected to be carried out on a one to one basis; however, individual requirements would be assessed. This could include a Walking Bus, Buddy Scheme or a Cycle Grant.

Where will the training take place?

Training could take place at the child or young person's schools or college, or at home (if necessary) and on a full journey that the young person could make, including existing transport provision.

Once travel training is complete will my child's current transport be cancelled?

We would need to make sure that any current transport provided would only be cancelled when the young person and their trainer were confident that they could travel independently. If approved, they would be given more appropriate transport assistance such as a bus pass, or train pass, where necessary.

What will happen if my child's needs change?

We would require you to contact us as soon as possible if your child's needs do change. Assessment on a case by case basis would be our preferred method, working with schools, colleges and families. It may be that your child would require some extra help or training with their additional needs.

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