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Login for the online questionnaire

This online questionnaire has been co-produced with over 100 people. This includes people with learning disabilities and/or autism, family carers and members of staff.

This questionnaire will allow you to save it and come back to it at another point. So you don't have to complete it all in one go.

We know that not everyone will have an address and may have to post back the questionnaire. So to be able to save the questionnaire you will need to create a user name and password. Your username and password should be a mixture of letters and numbers.

For example:

User Name: This could be your first name and 2017

Password: This could be your individual social services ID (if you have one) or something else its up to you.

Please remember to write down your user name and password and keep theese safe as you will need these again if you want to get back into the questionnaire.

If you are completing this questionnaire with support you could ask your supporter to save your user name and password for you.

If you do need support to complete this questionnaire please contact us:

Email us

If this is your first visit to the questionnaire please select the ‘Registration’ link.

This will allow you to choose your log in details and then proceed directly to the questionnaire.

For those returning to complete, please simply select the ‘Questionnaire’ link to continue to complete the form.



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