Have your say on the future of Council Tax Support in Rotherham

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  2. What is the current Council Tax Support scheme
  3. Why is the Council considering changes
  4. Options on changing the current Local Council Tax Support Scheme
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  6. How can you give us your views?

We are consulting on options around possible changes to our current Council Tax Support Scheme. The consultation will run for six weeks from Monday October 9 until Monday November 20.

Many other councils have already reviewed their schemes and provide support which is significantly less than we currently do here in Rotherham. We are proposing bringing our support in line with other offers.

Due to a reduction in the Council’s Government grant, as a Council we now have a shortfall of around £42m which we will have to find by 2020. This is on top of previous budget cuts. Any Council Tax Support changes will reduce the necessity of us looking to take the money out of other Council services instead.

We want to ensure we capture as many people’s views about this as possible before any decisions are made. That is why we need to hear from you what your views are.

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