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We are committed to working with residents to create safe, clean, green and well-maintained neighbourhoods. And we want to ensure we deliver the most cost-effective waste services as well as increase levels of recycling.

The Council has a legal duty to collect household waste. However, each authority can decide how often waste is collected, the type of recycling materials collected and the type of containers used.

Over the last few years, the Council has been facing significant reductions in funding.

In addition, we have a UK target to recycle at least 50% of household waste by 2020. In 2016/17, we recycled 45.15% of all household waste, so we still have some way to go.

This has led to a review of how your waste is collected and recycled.

More information on the proposed changes is available by viewing the following pages. We are keen to get your views so please fill out the form on page 7 - 'Have your say on the proposed changes'.

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