Have your say about Council services for leaseholders

Rotherham Council is working continuously to improve the services provided to leaseholders and is asking customers for their feedback to help determine whether changes are needed to ensure the service remains fit for purpose.

Who are we consulting?

This consultation is intended for Housing leaseholders who own former Council flats (including maisonettes) which were originally purchased under the Right to Buy.

Why are we consulting?

We’re asking leaseholders to provide us with feedback on a number of recent service developments such as our new mid-year service charge statements and use of social media.  We also want to know whether you would be interested in taking part in an upcoming working group to review our buildings insurance provision.

What are the potential outcomes

Feedback provided will help to inform any improvements or developments that need to be made to the service. Interest shown in the working group will enable us to setup an initial meeting of the group who will help us to determine how the existing buildings insurance provision could be improved.

Next steps once consultation finishes

The consultation will end on 17 December 2017, at 23:59. All responses will be collated and reviewed to leaseholders will be updated on any service changes in future communications.

Those interested in being part of the working group will be contacted directly with further information.  Depending on the level of interest, it may not be possible for all interested customers to take part. Where this is the case the Council will aim to select a representative sample of leaseholders from across the borough.

Thank you for taking part.

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