Selective Licensing Consultation Thurcroft and Parkgate

  1. What is selective licensing (You are here)
  2. Why Thurcroft and Parkgate?
  3. What does the council want to achieve with licensing?
  4. Does licensing work?
  5. The benefits for tenants, residents and the wider community
  6. Drop In sessions
  7. Are there any exemptions from licensing?
  8. Respond to the consultation
  9. What happens next?

What is selective licensing

The Council is consulting on proposals to introduce Selective Licensing of private rented housing in parts of the Thurcroft and Parkgate and we need your views to shape the future policy. This is a 10 week consultation and runs from 15th October until 23rd December 2018.

Selective Licensing areas can be made by a Council where there may be a higher than average number of issues in a particular area. This may include poor housing conditions, poor health and people on lower incomes.

In Selective Licensing areas all private-rented properties in the area would require a licence. Landlords who fail to licence houses and comply with a set of conditions can face prosecution in the courts, financial penalties of up to £30,000 and rent repayment orders. All licensed houses would receive an inspection to make sure they are safe and if necessary further legal requirements on landlords to ensure they meet the minimum legal standards.

As part of the application process, the council must decide whether the landlord or their agents are ‘fit and proper’ and that the management arrangements are satisfactory. This means that they have no criminal convictions which may affect their management of the property, they have satisfactory arrangements in place to deal with repair and maintenance issues, and that they have adequate procedures for dealing with problematic tenants.

The licence would have other conditions attached to it, and these conditions would include making sure that the property is safe, maintenance is carried out within reasonable time periods and that landlords obtain references for tenants prior to letting the property.

Licences would last for up to five years and the fee is payable at the start of the licence. Current fees are £592 for a 5 year licence. These fees are subject to review.

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