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Why are we consulting?

The Council has shown great resilience in trying to protect Rotherham's 22 children's centres. Since they were created, the council has experienced very significant budget pressures due to Government cuts and this will have a significant impact on all of the services provided by the Council, including its children's centres.

The revenue budget for Early Years and Child Care Services, including children's centres was £5.053m in 2013-14. For 2014-2016 this has to be significantly reduced by £2.2m.

However, we are still committed to providing sufficient provision of children's centres, to meet the needs of parents, prospective parents and young children in the area and there would be no centres close before 1st April 2015.

The proposed changes to Sure Start Childrens Centres set out how resources can be more focused on direct services for children under five and their families. They will deliver the required savings whilst ensuring wide coverage across the borough and continued access to a nearby centre for those children and families in greatest need. We believe that by re-focusing our resources, working closely with health, social care, schools, private and voluntary sectors, including volunteers and delivering services where they are most needed, we will maximise what our children's centres and early years services can achieve.

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