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What are the changes to the licensing proposals

We have made further changes to our proposals in response to the previous consultation. The key changes are:

  • Driver requirements
    • Clarification in relation to determination of fitness and propriety
    • Extra factors that we will use to assess fitness and propriety
    • Applicants must have held a driving licence for four years, instead of five
    • The Council may use social media profiling as part of application process
    • All drivers required to subscribe to Disclosure and Barring Service Update Service
    • Policy will apply immediately with regard to convictions, cautions etc.
    • Entry level 3 requirement in English and maths
    • Applicants who fail knowledge test 3 times cannot take test again for a period of 12 months
    • Alternative qualifications to BTEC still accepted. Applicants must show that it covers all aspects of the BTEC course
    • NVQ not accepted as direct alternative to BTEC
    • BTEC valid for three years from date of issue. After this time applicants must show evidence of continuing professional development or refresher training
    • All drivers must undertake child and adult safeguarding awareness training. Required within three months of policy introduction
    • Further checks to confirm applicant’s ability to legally work in the UK
  • Hackney carriages and private hire vehicles
    • Private hire vehicles cannot be white. Exceptional circumstances may allow for exemption
    • Cannot use space saving or spare wheels, except in an emergency
    • Must notify Council of an accident within 1 working day (change from 72 hours)
    • Meters only required in hackney carriages, not private hire vehicles
    • CCTV systems not required to record audio and video, just video
    • CCTV systems required in all vehicles within 3 months
    • Wheelchair access permitted by suitable rear doors
    • Further clarification on use of taxi ranks
  • Private hire operators
    • Clarification on making an assessment of fitness and propriety
    • All operators must undertake child and adult safeguarding awareness training
    • Operators cannot use or transfer trading names within six months of a licence being revoked
    • New paragraph inserted outlining responsibility of operators towards their drivers
    • Actions/conduct of drivers and condition of vehicles may affect fitness and propriety of operator
    • Operator may receive enforcement penalty points
  • Compliance and enforcement
    • Primary focus is public safety
    • Challenges to a licence suspension or revocation only by appeal to the Magistrates Court. Licence holders will no longer be able to have their case heard by the Licensing Board
    • Clarification that scheme applies to drivers, vehicles and operators
    • When considering complaints the credibility of complainant and driver will be taken into account
  • Children under age 10 not allowed to travel in the front seat. Children under age 18 only allowed to travel in the front seat if every other seat has a child in it

Download the revised licensing policy and supplements

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