Get help to make your home secure

The Rotherham Safer Homes Project improves home security for tenants who have been burgled, suffered domestic violence or hate crime, severe harassment or fear of crime.

As a multi-agency project it brings together the Council's housing teams, Age Concern, Rotherham Stayput (part of the Home Improvement Agency Group), the Community Safety Unit, Rotherham's Refuge, South Yorkshire Police, the Thursday Project (South Yorkshire Housing Association), South Yorkshire Fire Service, RotherCare and Victim Support Rotherham.

Services offered include basic 'target hardening', like window and door locks, spy holes, chains and fire proof letter boxes. Additional services like alarm pendants can be provided for persistent cases, for example those involving domestic violence.

If you are a victim of crime or are living in fear of crime, contact us if you are interested in having these kinds of security measures added to your home.

Get help to make your home secure

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