See which bin or container to use

  1. See which bin or container to use
  2. Using your green bin
  3. Using your blue box (You are here)
  4. Using your blue bag
  5. Using your black bin
  6. Recycling plastic and cartons
  7. Why we haven't collected your waste

Using your blue box

Your blue box will be emptied every two weeks, on the same day as your blue bag and green bin.

Check your collection date

You can put the following - washed and clean - items in your blue box:

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Tin cans and foil
  • Aluminium cans, foil and trays
  • Clean textiles (double bagged)

You must not put the following in your blue box:

  • Broken glass
  • Window glass
  • Drinking glasses
  • Light bulbs
  • Pyrex glass
  • Household rubbish
  • Plastic
  • 'Foil' crisp packets or similar
  • Paint tins
  • Pillows or duvets

If not everything fits in your blue box, please place these items in an additional container at the side of your blue box ready for collection. Please do not put your recycling into plastic bags as this affects the recycling process; please keep them loose.

If the wrong material is found in your box, we won't empty it until these items have been removed. 

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