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Ill health

In this part of the JSNA, you can find out more about the illnesses that affect people in Rotherham.  Many of these are known as Long-term Conditions (LTCs).

LTCs are important because there is scope to prevent some of them by modifying lifestyles and behaviours and promoting Healthy Living.  They also impact on quality of life by affecting your ability to earn a living and contribute to inequalities.

LTCs become more common as people get older and because people in Rotherham are living longer, we can expect more people to be diagnosed with LTCs over time.

People with LTCs tend to need more health and social care; in addition, family members and friends may need to take on a carer role in order to support the person with a LTC.

Individuals are more commonly found to have multiple LTCs than just one.  This is an important issue because the effective management of multiple co-existing conditions is more complicated.

LTCs have long lasting economic impacts for individuals and appear to be concentrated in areas with higher levels of deprivation.