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In this part of the JSNA you can find out about the people of Rotherham.  The sections include details about population size, growth, age profile, distribution and ethnicity. There is information about births and deaths as well as information about specific groups and communities of interest.

Understanding the demography (population characteristics) of Rotherham and associated changes enables service managers and providers to ensure that the right services are available in the right place at the right time. For information specific to children and young people or for adults, click on the links below:

Children and Young People

For information about children and young people's education, disability, early years, child poverty, lifestyle etc.

For information on protecting children and young people from harm, see the link below:

Safeguarding Children


For information about people of working age and older people.

For information on protecting vulnerable adults, see the link below:

Safeguarding Adults

Categories in People