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Future of customer focus groups

Published: Thursday, 4th May 2017

We are asking leaseholders to provide feedback on the future of our leasehold customer service groups. Feedback can be provided via our online form.

Our leasehold customer focus groups have been running since September 2015 and have provided leaseholders with the opportunity to meet with members of the Leasehold Management service to discuss the following topics:

  • Service standards (twice)
  • Major works repayment options
  • The service charge demands

The focus groups have been run at different times of day, including two evening meetings, however attendance is generally quite low and some who have attended have fed back that operating the focus groups may not represent good value for money.

As such, the service is now considering alternative approach which would hopefully allow more leaseholders to contribute, whilst also being more flexible; enabling key topics to be brought for discussion more frequently and for leaseholders to have a greater input in the topics to be discussed.

Our proposal is as follows:

  • Leaseholders who have specifically registered on our customer involvement database will be asked for feedback
  • The feedback will be sought primarily through email and telephone surveys
  • Those responding will also be asked to indicate their preference for the next survey topic
  • Feedback on survey results will be uploaded to our leasehold webpages and also included in any newsletters
  • Leaseholders may still 'call in' the survey results for further scrutiny at a formal meeting
    • A call in would be justified by a minimum number of leaseholders requesting it
    • The proposal for a minimum number of leaseholders is 5% of all current leaseholders
    • Any subsequent formal meeting would be held as an open meeting, meaning any leaseholder would be entitled to attend, irrespective of whether they took part in the ‘call-in’

Please provide us with your feedback

If you would like to add your name to our involvement database, please email us at