Our loan services give teachers access to a huge collection of books and other resources covering a broad range of curriculum-related topics.

Rotherham Library Loans Service

For maximum visual impact, artefacts and display boxes from our collection are also available to support teachers.

Teachers can also borrow from a collection of fiction with titles suitable for all ages and abilities, including special needs.

Topic loans

Topic loans

Every teacher working at a subscribing school is entitled to borrow the following resources:

  • Twenty Non-Fiction books on your chosen topic
  • Three literacy topic boxes
  • Three guided reading sets
  • Three big books
  • Three posters
  • One display box
  • One story sack
  • One DVD

We also have a range of pre-packed topic boxes that contain books and artefacts.

Display boxes

To support school topics, we have display boxes and artefacts available for your use. The display boxes contain various items to complement your chosen topic and will enhance any classroom display.

These boxes and items are limited in number so we have to operate a half-termly loan period and allocate them on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Display boxes

Fiction book collection

We have an extensive collection of fiction titles to supplement your schools existing library stock and encourage children to read for pleasure.

The collection is delivered to your school and can be exchanged for a fresh selection once or twice each school year.

Special Support

Rapid reading

Rapid Reading scheme

The Rapid Reading scheme is designed to help struggling readers by getting and keeping their interests. We have a huge collection of finely levelled fiction and non-fiction books around topics and themes that children will love.

Learn about Rapid Reading

Rapid reading

Bag Books

Bag books are actually multi-sensory story boxes containing tactile resources for classroom use to enhance children’s understanding of the story.

They are ideal for people with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities and stories are told through voice and emotion rather than words and pictures.

Learn about Bag Books


Books are available published by Barrington Stoke who specialise in publishing super-readable children’s books that break down barriers which may stop kids getting into reading, including those with dyslexia or visual stress.

Shelf Help

The SLS has a Reading Well for Young People collection. This collection of fiction and non-fiction, while primarily targeted at teens, offers guidance for parents, carers, professionals and young people themselves on a range of mental health issues.

Topics covered include anxiety, bullying, confidence and selfesteem, depression and stress as well as more general issues that may face young people.

Library support

Library Support

Library Skills awareness for children to run and manage their own school library. This includes classification, book repairs and issuing books.

The SLS team are available as a “critical friend” to assess school libraries and offer guidance and support on improvements.

Training events with experts in the fields of reading and story-telling are offered by SLS to subscribing schools often free of charge.

Classroom Sessions

The SLS has developed a programme of interactive classroom sessions ranging from supported reading, reading celebrations, to illustrated talks of historical and local interest. Topics currently include World War One, local Mining, Victorians, Saxons and Vikings.

In addition, sessions on internet safety, using the CEOP ThinkUKnow material, can be arranged and the SLS has run successful Arts Award programmes in primary and special schools.

Our SLS Arts Award Project offers children the opportunity to embark upon an in-depth study of a children’s book. Running for one hour once a week over a five week period we work together with the group reading, discussing and deconstructing the text. This allows scope for exploring issues within the text and dramatizing sections to aid understanding. Learning outcomes include improved reading skills, comprehension, vocabulary and increased self-confidence. A maximum of ten children per group and the project is certificated and approved by Trinity College London.

AasupporterrgbArts Award Supporter

Further Information

The Schools Loans Service is an annual subscription service offered at three levels:


Library and Museum loan resources


Library resources


Museum Loan resources

To enquire about buying into the Service please email us at:


To obtain library resources for your school, use the request form to let us know the details of your topic. You can also use the form to make an appointment to visit the showroom to choose your items in person. Once you have selected what you want we will arrange delivery to your school.

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