Matter 18

Hearing Statements submitted for Matter 18

M18.01 RMBC Hearing Statements (PDF)

Size: 98.56 KB

M18.01a Bradford and son letter re neighbours court case (PDF)

Size: 96.9 KB

M18.01b Wake Smith letter re neighbours court case (PDF)

Size: 276.85 KB

M18.02 Mr Hawksworth (PDF)

Size: 6.38 KB

M18.03 Mr Thornewell (PDF)

Size: 6.78 KB

M18.04 Mr Johnson (PDF)

Size: 172.23 KB

M18.05 Mr D Clark Wyndthorpe Developments Ltd (PDF)

Size: 2.34 MB

M18.06 Todwick Parish Council, Todwick North (PDF)

Size: 136.12 KB

M18.07 Todwick Parish Council, Todwick LDF0846 (PDF)

Size: 173.52 KB

M18.08 Mr Ray Sykes Todwick North (PDF)

Size: 2.41 MB

M18.08a Mr Ray Sykes Todwick, Wales, Kiveton and Kiveton Park map (PDF)

Size: 328.57 KB

M18.09 Mr Ray Sykes Todwick H84 (PDF)

Size: 1.09 MB

M18.10 Wyndthorpe Developments Ltd LDF0846 (PDF)

Size: 918.63 KB

M18.11 Wyndthorpe Developments Ltd LDF0251 (PDF)

Size: 6.49 MB

M18.12 Mr Thornewell (PDF)

Size: 361.76 KB

M18.13 Mrs Helen Greer-Waring (PDF)

Size: 221.1 KB

M18.14 Mr Hewitt on behalf of Mr Alan Smith (PDF)

Size: 73.25 KB

M18.14a Appendix 1 1964 Conveyance from N Ideal Homes to 2 Rayls Rise (PDF)

Size: 7.25 MB

M18.14b Appendix 2 1964 Conveyance from N Ideal Homes to 22 Osborne Road (PDF)

Size: 7.22 MB

M18.14c Appendix 3 1964 Conveyance from N Ideal Homes to 23 Osborne Drive (PDF)

Size: 7.27 MB

M18.14d Appendix 4 1962 Todwick Deeds Booth to N Ideal Homes 10101962 (PDF)

Size: 2.12 MB

M18.14e Email exchange 2nd December 2016 (DOCX)

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M18.14f Letter from Foys Solicitors 23rd July 2013 (PDF)

Size: 630.7 KB

M18.14g Letter from Foys Solicitors 6th October 2016 (PDF)

Size: 213.33 KB