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  • Public Consultation on Selective Licensing

    housing in Rotherham Published on Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

    A public consultation is currently taking place on proposals to extend Selective Licensing of private rented housing to parts of Thurcroft and Parkgate.

  • Rogue landlords pay the penalty

    Published on Monday, 6th August 2018

    A rogue landlord who failed to carry out adequate gas and fire safety checks has been fined more than £2,000.

  • Smokers warned of dangers of black market tobacco

    Published on Wednesday, 6th December 2017

    Rotherham Council is warning people of the dangers of smoking black market cigarettes following a crackdown in Rotherham.

  • Man without a van

    Published on Thursday, 26th October 2017

    Glynn Atkinson, of Rawmarsh, is now a “man without a van” after Rotherham Council used its powers to seize his vehicle and have it crushed when a court found him guilty of fly tipping.

  • Rotherham residents fined for eyesore properties

    Published on Tuesday, 29th March 2016

    Rotherham Council used new powers to fine two residents after they ignored requests to tidy up their gardens.

  • New Selective Licensing scheme targets rogue landlords

    Published on Tuesday, 15th December 2015

    Tenants are starting to see improvements to their homes as Rotherham Council moves forward with its Selective Licensing scheme.

  • South Yorkshire councils launch campaign to tackle illegal tobacco

    Published on Thursday, 29th October 2015

    Rotherham, Sheffield and Doncaster councils have joined forces to launch a campaign to stop children and young people accessing cheap and illegal cigarettes on the black market.

  • Blue badge abuse prosecutions continue

    Published on Thursday, 23rd July 2015

    Another prosecution by Rotherham Council for blue badge misuse in Rotherham town centre has proved successful.

  • New taxi licensing policy agreed

    Published on Wednesday, 8th July 2015

    Commissioner Mary Ney, who has responsibility for the Council’s licensing function, has agreed a new taxi licensing Policy.

  • Fly tipper brought to justice

    Published on Wednesday, 1st July 2015

    A Rotherham Council tenant has been prosecuted and fined £1,000 for failing to clear a large amount of rubbish in his garden.

  • Rotherham uses new powers on anti-social behaviour

    Published on Monday, 1st June 2015

    New powers geared to tackling noise and disorder were used in Rotherham for the first time last month when council and police officers were called to a local flat.

  • Selective licensing scheme launched in Rotherham

    Published on Friday, 15th May 2015

    A new licensing scheme, geared to driving up the standards of privately rented accommodation in Rotherham, is going ahead after a judge dismissed a legal challenge.

  • Tighter taxi regulations in Rotherham

    Published on Friday, 1st May 2015

    Residents in Rotherham are once again being asked for their views on tighter regulations being recommended for the borough's taxi trade.

  • New horse act welcomed

    Published on Thursday, 2nd April 2015

    New laws to clamp down on people illegally abandoning horses have been welcomed by the Council.

  • Taxi licences revoked

    Published on Thursday, 2nd April 2015

    The Council has revoked the licences of two taxi drivers after they were arrested on suspicion of historic sexual offences against underage girls.

  • Licensing Board meeting cancelled

    Published on Monday, 9th February 2015

    A meeting to discuss proposed changes to Rotherham's taxi licensing regulations has been cancelled in light of the recent government report.

  • Licensing scheme for private rented sector

    Published on Thursday, 18th December 2014

    Landlords who own property in certain parts of Rotherham are to be the subject of a new licensing scheme in an effort to drive up the standards of rented accommodation.

  • Rotherham taxi consultation to begin

    Published on Tuesday, 4th November 2014

    The public consultation on plans to tighten the standards of Rotherham's taxi industry has begun.

  • New taxi regulations for Rotherham

    Published on Wednesday, 22nd October 2014

    Rotherham's taxi companies could face more stringent standards in the future.

  • Community Trigger aims to tackle anti social behaviour

    Published on Monday, 20th October 2014

    Residents in South Yorkshire have new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour in their communities.

  • Masbrough Chapel site owner told to clean up

    Published on Tuesday, 29th July 2014

    The owners of the site of the former Masbrough Chapel have been formally served with a legal notice to “clean up” the land.

  • Kids call time on foul play

    Published on Friday, 13th June 2014

    Kids from a Rotherham primary school have joined forces with local councillors to help call time on foul play in their area.

  • Car sales warning

    Published on Wednesday, 11th June 2014

    Motorists are being warned to ensure they fill in the correct documentation when they sell their vehicles.

  • Residents come together to improve community

    Published on Thursday, 10th April 2014

    Residents of a Rotherham community took to their local streets this week to pick up litter.

  • Rogue landlords prosecuted

    Published on Tuesday, 18th March 2014

    A married couple have been successfully prosecuted by the Council for failing to make repairs to a tenanted property they owned in Catcliffe.

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    Published on Tuesday, 4th March 2014

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  • Ramblers tackle rights of way

    Published on Thursday, 27th February 2014

    Volunteers from the Ramblers Association are starting 2014 as they mean to continue – by helping keep more of Rotherham’s rights of way and parklands in good order.

  • Council wardens get new powers to tackle antisocial behaviour

    Published on Wednesday, 15th January 2014

    Council wardens have teamed up with South Yorkshire Police to strengthen their powers in the the fight against anti-social behaviour.

  • A rambling resolution for 2014

    Published on Thursday, 2nd January 2014

    Volunteers from The Ramblers' Association will spend 2014 helping to keep Rotherham’s rights of way and parklands in good order.