Tell us your views on town centre housing

Published Thursday, 1st December 2016 Election slides - Keppel wharf

The Council is seeking views from people across the region about what type of homes they would like to see in Rotherham town centre.

The Council also wants to know what other facilities and attractions are important to people if they were to consider town centre living.

This consultation links into the Council’s wider plans to transform its town centre into a thriving, successful place to live and work with a vibrant leisure and entertainment offer. The vision is to develop housing all within walking distance of shops and the bus and rail stations so it is vitally important that the Council understands the housing needs and aspirations of local people so that this can help to inform the type of housing developments that are built.

Councillor Dominic Beck, Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing said: “We are interested in hearing from anyone who would consider town centre living now or at a later stage including young people who are currently living with family but may look to buy or rent their own property in the future.

We want as many people as possible to be part of these ambitious plans to regenerate Rotherham so this is your opportunity to tell us what you think the future homes at the heart of town centre should be like. We are determined to transform the town centre and want to ensure that we have the right type and mix of housing to meet the needs of our residents.”

The survey will take about five minutes to complete and will ask people a number of questions about where they live now, whether they would consider moving in the next five years and what their top considerations are when looking for a new home.

Residents who do not have access to the internet at home can visit a local library and ask staff to help.

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